The Journey

It has been a few grueling weeks for us as a family. We were blessed to find out that we had become pregnant early this month, just to have only a few weeks with our lil peanut. Shortly after our exciting news, we were informed that the pregnancy was ectopic, meaning the implantation was in the tube and not the womb.ย  After many hours at multiple hospitals, blood work drawn and two rounds of Methotextrate (a form of chemotherapy), my Hcg levels kept climbing and not decreasing…surgery was our last resort to ensure the safety of my life.ย  I had an emergency laparoscopy Monday 8/21/17, which required the removal of the ectopic pregnancy and the loss of my right fallopian tube.ย 

Now just a bit of background, this is my second surgery within this year.ย ย Initially last October 2016, we asked for some help for our infertility which this entailed many tests such as ultrasounds, and hysterosalingography.ย ย After going through these tests and seeing that the fallopian tubes were clear, we were able to try the clomid treatment for fertility.ย ย However, after this treatment, the endometriosis flared and increasing my pain severely.ย ย At this point, I had a hystersonography done to recheck the flow of fluid through my fallopian tubes, and this time it was discovered that my left tube was inflamed with blockage and surgery was needed. First surgery occurred on 12/5/16 in which the Doctor had to remove my left fallopian tube, remove scar tissue and reposition my colon which was attached to my uterus.ย ย Once this was done and recovery taken place, the doctor advised everything on the right side appeared healthy and we still had a good chance to conceive even with the diagnosis of Stage 3 endometriosis.ย ย Needless to say this disease continues to grow even if as much as possible is removed surgically. Which, this brings us to our present journey with this disease.

I donโ€™t expect any sympathy with this post, and I know it is what it is, and I need to continue with our lives. But with all this said, I want to make sure to share our story with others and be the best advocate I can be for the awareness of Endometriosis and Ectopic Pregnancy.ย ย I know this is just the beginning of our road to recovery and I am still trying to grasp that our only options to grow our family is through adoption or IVF.ย ย ย Regardless the way, we will grow our family when the time is right, it just was not right at this time. Also, I know that we will get through this together. My husband, Aaron, is my greatest support and rock. I truly owe him so much during this, while I know he too is going through the process of losing a child at this time.ย ย Also, we are so thankful for our families, friends and co-workers, who have been so understanding and supportive during this difficult time.

We are brave.

We are strong.

We are the 1%.