Patiently Waiting

So true!

We are still waiting to be invited to the book with our agency before our profile is shared by the social workers when they meet with birth moms and parents. We have definitely made some strides though and are currently 4th on the waiting list.

Even though we are still waiting, we have been busy working on our outreach through postcards, pass along cards and any other way we can share. We also would like to ask all of you to continue to share our page, website or contact information. Thank you everyone for your love and support!

Home Study Finalized!

It’s official!! We are Home Study approved!!!

The last few months have been very busy for us not only with the home study process but also by working on getting everything in order for after being approved. Now that we have received the official finalized home study approval in the mail, we can start focusing more on our outreach. We have been busy working away on our Adoption Profile Flyer and other outreach options.

We are also awaiting to be placed into our agency’s adoption profile book.  This is were patience will be key… Currently we are 16th on the waiting list of this book and know this could take a bit if time to move up.  So, while we are trying to patiently wait, we ask that you all keep us in mind and continue to help by sharing our adoption journey.  Whether this is by liking/sharing our page, sharing our adoption flyer, or even just word of mouth.  Anything will help us get closer to a match! 

The Home Study has Arrived!

Hi Everyone!

Well we have been assigned to our social worker, Mykelti, and have officially started our final steps to completing our Home Study!  It is hard to believe that we are at this point in the process but we both are so excited to be this far.  Our first meeting was last week Tuesday and we have our next one tomorrow.   Typically the meetings range from 3-4 before hearing if we are approved.  We are definitely ecstatic to reach this next milestone in the process which is bring us closer to meeting our new family member.  Thank you to all of you again through this journey, we are so glad to have such an amazing support system!