Fun Facts About Us

1. We LOVE going to see new movies at the theater.

2. We ENJOY spending our summer weekends with our families – whether this is camping or a trip up to the cabin.

3. We have TWO fur-babies (1 cat: Annabelle & 1 dog: Amelia).

4. We make sure to cook and eat dinner TOGETHER every night.

5. We enjoy finding new TV shows to watch together.

6. We have FUN going out on our kayaks, camping, and biking the local trails.

7. We do CHERISH our down time, as well, when we are home by playing fetch with Amelia in the yard while Annabelle is soaking up some sun.

8. We each grew up in families that SPENT time together to create great memories, which is important to us.

9. We have been together for over 10 years already and look forward to spending our LIFETIME with each other, much like both our parents who have been happily married over 40 years.

10. We both love a good PIZZA delivery and a movie on a Friday night!