The Home Study has Arrived!

Hi Everyone!

Well we have been assigned to our social worker, Mykelti, and have officially started our final steps to completing our Home Study!  It is hard to believe that we are at this point in the process but we both are so excited to be this far.  Our first meeting was last week Tuesday and we have our next one tomorrow.   Typically the meetings range from 3-4 before hearing if we are approved.  We are definitely ecstatic to reach this next milestone in the process which is bring us closer to meeting our new family member.  Thank you to all of you again through this journey, we are so glad to have such an amazing support system!

Officially Paper Preggers!

We have finally reached the top of the hold list and received our application in May for the Domestic Infant Adoption program.  After going through and gathering all the paperwork needed, completing the adoption questionnaires and even getting our fingerprints taken, we have officially turned in the application earlier this week. A special thank you to those who helped us out with this step in the process.  We are now waiting on the review of the application and invitation to move forward with our Home Study process. We really appreciate all of the support our family and friends have shown us!  We are so excited to be moving forward in this process and will continue to keep updating our websites for any additional process updates along the way. Thank you again everyone for all the support!

The Outreach has Begun

So here we are the past couple of weeks working on setup our outreach plan. Making a Facebook page, setup on Instagram and Pinterest and just finish our adoption cards.  I do have to say part of me feels a little awkward putting ourselves out there in the online universe like this.  But the other part is so hopefully that this will connect us with our child.  There is one quote that does keep coming to mind from The Alchemist – “I love you because the entire universe conspired to help me find you.”